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JavaScript Programming


JavaScript Programming course provides complete knowledge to the delegates about how to effectively use JavaScript to build their web pages more dynamic and functional as well as to reduce the number of round-trips to the server. With the help of this training, the delegates will able to understand about the JavaScript syntax, how to work with variables and also learn about the write flow control logic, validate forms and create roll-over images. Throughout the training, the delegates will able to learn about the working with JavaScript timers, intervals and navigation history. Know managing web page styles using JavaScript and CSS.

  • Build websites and web apps

  • Debugging JavaScript code

  • Demonstrate handling web page events

  • Identify expressions and operators

  • We provide 24*7 help and support to our delegates in case of any query


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A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.



Delegates will get certification of completion at the end of the course.


For attending the JavaScript Programming course, the delegates should have basic knowledge of HTML and computers.


The candidates who want to learn JavaScript with understanding of HTML and CSS technologies should attend this course.


After the JavaScript Programming course at The MSP Training, the delegates will be able to:

  • Describe object characteristics, use objects, instantiate objects, and create custom objects
  • Describe the purpose of the Form object and use its properties, methods, and event handlers to read and write to HTML forms
  • Understand how to work with JSON objects
  • Understand how to use event handlers to manage user-triggered events
  • Work with primitive data types

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JavaScript Programming course provides detailed knowledge which is required to design and develop dynamic Web pages by using JavaScript. With the help of this training, the delegates will able to understand about the language that can be used to turn static HTML pages into dynamic and interactive Web pages. Throughout the training, the delegates will able to understand the advanced techniques for working with functions, including flexible arguments, default values, closures and recursion.


Getting Started with JavaScript

  • JavaScript Overview
  • JavaScript Programming Overview

JavaScript Building Blocks, Variables and Operators

  • Introduction to Variables and Operators
  • Variables and Data Types Overview
  • Using Variables and Data
  • Operators

JavaScript Building Blocks, Control Statements

  • Controlling the flow JavaScript Control Statements

JavaScript Building Blocks, Functions and Objects

  • Introduction to Functions
  • Objects

The Document Object

  • The Document Object
  • Writing to Documents
  • Dynamic Documents

The Window Object

  • Introduction to Window Object
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Status Bar Messages
  • Window Manipulations

Working with Frames

  • HTML Frames Review
  • Scripting for Frames

Working with Forms and Forms-based Data

  • The Form Object
  • Working with Form Elements and Their Properties

Dates and Math

  • Overview of the Date Object
  • Using and manipulating Dates
  • Overview of the Math Object
  • Doing Math with JavaScript

Validating Form Data

  • A General Approach
  • Testing for Required Fields
  • Validating Numeric Data
  • Validating String Data

Introduction to Cross-browser Compatibility

  • Examining the Compatibility Landscape
  • Detecting Browser and Platforms

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