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Office Applications


Office Applications suite includes various tasks such as Google Apps, Crystal Reports and Adobe Creative that the end-users want to perform. All types of training, ranging from basic to advanced, is provided to the delegates. It is the job of the certified and qualified instructors to make the delegates understand all the concepts and clear any doubts the delegates may have. The MSP Training provides the delegates with a modes that suites them the best.  These may include Online, On Site, and Class Room.

  • Become acquainted with various applications during the training

  • Learn to work with diverse Adobe Applications

  • Recognise ways to incorporate Google Analytics with Google AdWords

  • Certified and well-qualified faculty impart the training to the delegates

  • Train from Global Training Providers

Office Applications Courses

Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Office Training provides complete knowledge to the delegates about how to manage projects effectively, analyse data and create PivotTables. With the help of the training, the delegates will...



Office Application Training includes following three courses:

  1. Adobe Training

The Adobe Training will help the delegates to design and manage images using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Delegates can develop their web sites using Adobe Dreamweaver. The training is targeted towards the beginner to advanced level audience. The courses are offered in various modes including online, onsite and classroom.

Adobe training includes the following courses:

  • Adobe InDesign Training Courses
  • Adobe Photoshop Training Courses
  • Adobe Illustrator Training Courses
  • Adobe Dreamweaver


  1. Crystal Reports Training

The Crystal Report training is meant for those professionals who want to gain knowledge regarding the functionality of SAP. This training introduces the delegates to the basic as well as advanced features of crystal reports.

Crystal Reports Training includes the following courses:

  • Crystal Reports 2016 Introduction
  • Crystal Reports 2016 Advanced


  1. Google Training

Google Analytics is a beneficial SEO web service that can be used to improve the ranking of the websites on the search engine. The addition of new Google features is more helpful for the users. These days Google Analytics is used instead of e-commerce reporting.

Google Training includes the following courses:

  • Fundamentals of Google
  • Introduction to Google Analytics

What are the benefits of the Office Applications Training?

  • The delegates get to learn various technologies
  • The delegates can design, develop, and even rank their websites after having gone through the complete training
  • The delegates learn the concepts from a Global Training Provider
  • The MSP Training helps the delegates learn these skills certified and trained faculty

Why The MSP Training?

The MSP Training provides the delegates with different tools during this training but they are all focused towards a common goal i.e. web site development. All the trainings i.e. Adobe, Crystal, and Google Analytics can be used to design, develop, report and rank the web sites of a user. The delegates are trained by the instructors at The MSP Training so that they can easily clear their certification exams.

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